In the late 1930's certain areas of Germany's scientific community was pushing scientific research into questionable and unethical areas, but no one dared to push as hard and as far as Dr. Von Monschture.

He was a brilliant and driven man who often led his peers in discovery and advancement but whose sense of morality had long ago been driven out by his lust for success. Because of that he became the go-to man when certain, unsavory things needed to be done during his service within secret government agencies in the 40's.

Now in the 50's, with his earned credentials carrying him past scrutiny, the path had been cleared to pursue further scientific experimentation of his own design. His goal was to create the receipe for immortality. His methods centered around experimentation on freshly killed animals trying to bring them back to life. The research was called reanimation.

His early experimentation centered around the use of strange mechanical devices like the Auto-jector; an artificial heart and lung machine that pumps oxygenated blood into the severed heads and hearts of dead test subjects. Even though he was able to successfully reanimate a few decapitated baboon heads into low levels of life, he was unable to achieve complete body reanimation.

Failure only served to deepen his resolve and twist his ethics further as he pressed beyond his colleague's tolerance for proper conduct. He soon realized mechanical devices alone were not going to be successful, but could not come up with the missing element. For weeks he went over and over his notes trying to make a break through and finally in desperation he proposed to the others that they advance the experimentation to human test subjects and suggested the first group be comprised of two men, one woman and two children between the ages of eight and twelve.

The other scientists stood puzzled momentarily as they decided if he was serious or not. When questioned, an argument quickly broke out and within minutes Dr. Von Monschture was asked to leave the research facility and not return.

Being completely immersed in the science of his work, he was blind-sided by this rejection and could not comprehend why, when they were so very close, would turn away from success. Sensing a threat and possibly an end to his life's work, an anger deeper than he had ever experienced welled within him. As he grabbed at the paperwork in their hands a sudden uncontrollable snarl slipped from his throat and echoed in the lab. He, himself, was startled by the outburst and it shown in the wild look in his eyes. The others stood in stunned silence as he slammed the door shut and left them behind.

From that point on a terrible darkness descended over the Dr. and his family at home. He retreated to his basement laboratory and fell into a deep and psychotic depression, wrestling with the inner monster that had been awakened. The scene at the lab looped over and over in his mind like a fevered nightmare- scientific success was nearly at their finger tips and they wanted to throw away their entire body of work because they couldn't put science before morality! Insanity!

His monstrous psyche had now eaten away his rational mind and he began to rage about the house day and night, verbally and even physically attacking his own family at random. They saw the madness glowing in his eyes, emerging from the depths of his blackened soul and they cowered in fear, finally withdrawing and locking themselves away into parts of the house. For months they could hear him smashing things in the night and screaming uncontrollably as he ransacked the house madly.

And then one night the house fell silent.

The family peered from behind their bedroom doors and through cracks in the walls. Had he left? Was he dead? Slowly they emerged from their hidding places wearing tattered clothes, looking starved and freightened and together they made their way through the wrecked house to the basement. Quietly they crept down the stairs to see the doctor, leaning over a microscope, intently staring at a glowing green mass below it and rapidly scribbling notes on a pad. They had never seen such a thing and were mesmerized by its glow.

They jumped as he suddenly slammed the pencil to the table and let out a short, loud laugh. The smallest child shrieked in reaction, fearing another rampage. Von Monschture wheeled around to catch the looks of surprise on their face. For what seemed an eternity they stared at each other in silence, only the dank, dripping sounds of a decrepit basement filling the void. Slowly the scowl on his face changed to a broad, thin grin. Then he spoke with a voice that they had never heard before, their eyes growing wider. His words were slow and deep, sounding like doors slamming closed behind them.

"You will help me." is all he said. Those words sealed their fate for eternity.

The following years were conspicuously missing typical signs of the living on Dr. Von Monschture's country estate. They had been very reclusive before, but now it seemed that time had stopped altogether and everything fell to disrepair. If it were not for the stories from nearby neighbors, it could be assumed that the place had been abandoned. Tales of weird sounds and smells coming from the property and sightings of people moving about the area under the cover of darkness would occasionally surface. The locals considered the property cursed and shunned the whole place, refusing to set foot anywhere near it.

That is until one night when a tremendous explosion rocked the countryside. The nearest neighbor, over a mile away, heard it and ran to the window. He saw a huge green fire burning at the Von Monschtures house and a sickly looking green fog billowing down the hillside from it. Now the locals were in an up-roar and afraid of what might happen next. They decided to send their bravest souls to see what happened at the house and what has become of the Von Monschture family.

Tread carefully, brave soul, and maybe you'll return with the story of the fate of Dr. Von Monschture!